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Home School Networking Night: Nov 15th @ 7:30PM in Fellowship Hall

If you homeschool, are thinking about homeschooling, or just want more resources and ideas for educating your children, then come join us in the fellowship hall at 7:30PM on Friday Nov 15th. We have put together a panel of moms and educators to share resources and ideas with you and give you time to connect with each other and share ideas amongst yourselves and get the conversation started. If this goes well, this won’t be our last, but please come join us and be part of our first! Come join the conversation!

2-17-13 Recap

Hope everyone had a restful Presidents’ day. Here’s a quick peek at some of the things that went on in our classes last Sunday. Enjoy! If you have a child in the God’s Girlz or Gideon’s Guys class, make sure they are ready for another session of WordBrawl, this Sunday! here’s the recap: If you are not seeing this post at ignitionkidz.com, you can check out the video here: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/02/2-17-13-recap/

2-10-13 Recap: Superkidz Church & More

This one is coming out a little late, but here’s a video of SuperKidz Church week. Some of our girls did a special and sang for worship. Come take a look at pictures of that and more below: If you aren’t on ignitionkidz.com, you can check out the video here: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/02/2-10-13-recap/

2-3-13 Recap

This week, the kids learned about lessons like the Birth of Jesus, God delivering the Israelites from Egypt and other great lessons with a whole lot of fun, laughing and object lessons along the way. Bro Gary did a really cool object lesson talking about how Baptism protects us from the fires and dangers of the world. There’s a little vid of the experiment in the recap vid, accompanied by many giggles from the kids, ha. Click below to take a look. If you aren’t viewing this on ignitionkidz.com then you can check out the video here: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/02/2-3-13-recap/

1-20-13 Recap

Here’s a quick video recap of the happenings around campus. If you aren’t on ignitionkidz.com then you can check out the video here: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/01/1-20-13-recap/

1-13-13 Recap Superkidz Church

If you aren’t on ignitionkidz.com, then you can check out the video here: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/01/1-13-13-recap-superkidz-church/

1-6-13 Recap

Here’s a look at our first week back in Sunday School! If you aren’t on ignitionkidz.com, you can check out the video at: http://www.ignitionkidz.com/2013/01/1-6-13-recap/

12-16-12 Recap
12-9-12 Recap

This weekend we had a great time with the kids Christmas Party and with the SuperKidz Church on Sunday. The lesson in SuperKidz Church was about rescue, and that Christmas is about Jesus coming to our rescue.