11-22-09 Recap – Funny Faces, Giant Feet and Teen Girl Chillin

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hello Families! Last Sunday was another great Sunday of fun and learning. It is always awesome seeing kids bring their bibles! Some of the great things our classes were doing were learning about giants, the kids in the gym were having fun with play dough and showing us some of their funniest faces and upstairs we got some pictures of lounging with the teens, along with other classes learning about bearing fruit. Overall another great week in Sunday School.

11-15-09 Recap – Church Tour and More

The 6 Year olds took an awesome tour of the church, all the back offices, and even got to meet with Pastor and some of the staff. There were plenty of games and crafts had by all while they learned more about the Bible this week! Overall, another great week in Sunday School!

11-1-09 Recap – Ignition Chapel

We had a great Chapel service on Sunday for our 6-9 year olds. Chapel is the time in Children’s Church when we teach the children how church is run in big church and they get to experience being a part of that and sometimes even work it that too. Its something we do every other month. The next one will be in January.  The lesson this month was on prayer.  We showed a video of a guy who made a catapult.  We took most of our scripture from Acts in what happened when the apostles prayed.  The main point of the lesson was that using faith is like pulling on something big.  We have held onto things in the past, and sometimes we get let down, but when you pull in prayer its like pulling on the trigger of a catapult, something BIG happens.  You just need to keep trusting and pulling.  Please discuss this with your children.  We really want to see all the children of First Church reach deeper in prayer and that prayer isn’t just for older people. Events coming up: 11-15-09 – Sunday School Fundraiser – We are raising funds for the Ignition Central store.  Soup and Salad.  We want to be able to really stock some great things before Christmas for children to do their Christmas shopping. 12-13-09 – Super Church – This is our other Children’s Church format where it is fillled with singing, games, sometimes videos, and definitely fun.