10/18/09 Recap – Tabernacle Time

Last Sunday was the launch of Tabernacle Time. This is our Children’s Church for children ages 2-5. The kids had a great time. There was puppets, worship songs and a great lesson taught by Bro Carlos Zamora. The lesson the children learned last Sunday in Tabernacle Time was that just like Ruth loved and would never leave Naomi, Jesus loves us even more and will never leave us. Some reminders of things coming up: This Sunday – Oct 25th – Practice at 11:30 for all children who were in Crocodile Dock VBS and are going to sing at Community Fun Festival. Next Saturday – Oct 31st – Community Fun Festival begins at 5PM. The children will be singing that evening. Also any children interested in entering our talent show please get in touch with us before next Saturday. Next Sunday – November 1st – Children’s Church Chapel Edition.

Super Church – Cornelius – 10/4/09

HELLLOOOOOO! So we had a fantastic Children’s Church last weekend. You may have noticed that there seem to be two different formats. If you did, you would be correct. We will from now on be calling the formats “Chapel” and “Super Church”. Last week’s Children’s Church session was a Super Church format with games and songs and goofy videos. Here’s some highlights from that morning: We are going to start emphasizing memorizing all the names of the books of the bible. We’ll be having a few kids each month come up and say as many books of the bible as they can, so lets start working with our children to encourage them to strive to memorize them all. We showed a video from JellyTelly by the “Bentley Brothers”.This week’s lesson was on Cornelius. It was about how God: – answers prayer – always has a plan All of it couldn’t have been done without an incredible team. Here’s a few of the ones that I wanted to make sure to highlight. Please pardon Lauren’s pants and Cedra’s shirt. Ha. Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!